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Our Bed Bug Services 
 Pest Solutions Exterminating offer's a very effective and Affordable Chemical treatment program for Bedbugs that has a residual for long lasting effect along with a contact Bedbug killer.  We understand that each infestation of Bedbugs is different, we treat each home to its particular infestation level.  Most homes and businesses require at least a two treatment process as some infestations may even require three treatments. Pest Solutions Exterminating is proud to offer a 60-day Guarantee after the final follow up treatment has been performed. As for those customers who worry or believe a friend or family member may have picked up Bed Bugs from your home, We also offer preventative Bed Bug treatment for a piece of mind.
Pest Solutions Exterminating offers prompt, reliable Bedbug treatments in the Tulsa, Owasso, Bixby, Sand Springs, Catoosa, Broken Arrow and metro area.  We have become exceptional at Affordable Bedbug Treatments. We have been treating for Bedbugs for over 10 Years, Give us a call and we would be happy to solve your Bedbug problem.   Our Vehicles are very discreet, we belive in our Customers right for privacy.
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